I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Wall from Wall Street Woodworks. He was kind enough to show me around his wood-shops and land. We quickly connected with our mutual passions for woodworking and spalting and approaches to life.


Password: wallstreet

Daniel is a retired long time Squamish local. He has been here long enough that he humbly got his road named after himself. He continues spending time in his woodshop but values his time and would prefer to spend it with his family in the summer while spending more time in his shop in the winter.

As Daniel toured me around his woodshops, I started to be mesmerized at how much beautiful woods and specifically spalted woods he has. Spalted woods are character woods, mostly hardwoods that grow with characters such as white rot, zone lines and pigmentation from stress that trees have in their life.

It was amazing to see such diverse species of woods that have produced spalt. Its typical to find Spalted maple in the area as its a more common wood of the area. But is not often I come across spalted birch, spalted cherry or spalted alder. Ill spare you the details but we got into some details about spalting and how Daniel has taken his own approach to aid induce the spalting process by leaving logs outdoors.



He continued touring me around his various workshops/and storage sheds that hold various woods he has collected over the years. Sharing the stories of their origins.



We continued walking around his property and walked throughout the forest on his property appreciating its history discussing trees, nature and their correlations to us.


We started discussing some collaborative projects specifically with some amazing Walnut slabs he has. We also discussed bartering and am looking forward to working and grabbing another slab from him.


If you are seeking a slab for a unique project or looking to get a custom project created, please feel free to reach out to us to explore how we could be of potential assistance.









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