Disappearing Dialogues Art residency at Art Ichol in Maihar India


Teak x Sandstone x Concrete x Metal Coffee table


“Lenny is a passionate sensitive artist and designer who was a part of the Disappearing Dialogues collaborative research project team (2016-2017) which worked within the rural interiors of Madhya Pradesh, India in the Bundelkhand and Baghelkhand region. His keen interest of understanding and observations of the Disappearing traditional Heritage of intricate wood carvings in the region, glimpses of which are seen in local temple and fort ruins and existing palaces lead him to research about the traditional families of wood craftsmen and their challenges in the current socio-cultural backdrop of India. His intense intervention and co-creation with the community set an excellent example for the entire research team to gain focus and vision into possibilities of bridging the past with the present through imagination and collaboration.

His responses to life and environment is unconventional and innovative and holds a great future within the Disappearing dialogues project.”

-Nobina Gubta, Disappearing Dialogues Founder

Offcuts of the main slab were used to create the bench top and metal rock sifters from an old concrete-plant were salvaged to make the legs.


A 2nd table, more affordable to the masses used Sal Wood, another rot resilient wood which was fused to concrete with a metal base salvaged from a compactor roller.

Inspired and created on the basis of the Disappearing Dialogues Program  at Art Ichol which focuses on the environment, culture/heritage and indigenous communities.

“Lenny creates bespoke pieces of furniture and functional products employing both local resources and observations of people, ecology and environment. He imbibes the natural world around him while he crafts nature into organic manifestations. As a participant of an international artist’s residency he immersed himself completely into his new surroundings and culture, he is willing to help and participate in more ways than one, and employs/integrates his abilities in video and media well.”

-Tanya Dutt, Art Ichol, Arts and Culture Manager

See PDF for a brief look into research of traditional furniture making in Maihar India.

Collaboratory exhibit: November 22-29th 2017 @ Bikaner House in New Delhi, India.