Sea To Sky Summit

Michelle from the Sea to Sky Start up and Vancouver Startup put together an amazing event last week.

The jam packed day featured approx. 25 speakers with 2 panels speaking on various social businesses and sectors in the entrepreneurship, self, healing and consciousness field. The mix of participants provided a refreshing and eye opening from many of the more metaphysical based workshops I have attended.

I reached out to Michelle a little before the event to see how I or Rubenovitch Furnishings & Co. could be involved and one thing led to another and in no time I had the honour of creating an award for Phil Swift, The keynote speaker. I managed to get some time on stage and had the opportunity to share the interrelation of the meanings behind the elements of the bookends and their connection to the summit and Phil. At first we were leaning towards writing some quote that held some meaning, but upon a little time, we quickly realized there was so much more meaning under the surface. Possibly more on the materials geology and xylology (study of wood) later.


The day ran from 9:30 to 5pm with speakers, then we had a quick break for dinner just before a meet and greet where we had the opportunity to continue to share some of our works. I had the opportunity to share some past works from my “Disappearing Dialogues” (updated gallery and preliminary research now online) project and also raise some awareness of an industrial art shared workspace concept in the works for the Whistler Area. If you are interested in hearing more and aiding bring the concept to life your input will be much appreicatted. Please reach out as we are keen on compiling a supportive case study. Following a brief meet and greet, toResonate shared some of their custom relaxing sound that eased the excitement of the day for those who were preparing to call it a night. For the others who were avid, an afterparty went way into the night.

Such a warming experience to share with others, thanks to all those involved and who attended.




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