Moksha Yoga Squamish

It was pleasure to connect with Kristy and Troy from Moksha Yoga Squamish and aid them furnish their new Yoga Studio in town. We worked with them to discuss their needs and concerns and supplied them with a variety of  big fir benches and about a dozen smaller cedar slabs for coat hangers.

Dale from Reclaimed Designs and I collaborated on this project. Props to Dale for all his craftsmanship and attention to detail.


We sourced a couple large fir slabs from Van Urban Timber, timing was on our hands and they had just the right slabs for our needs at the time.

Contracting Lenny to design and build pieces in our studio was the right choice. Being a Green/Environmentally friendly yoga studio, we wanted someone whose values coincided with our pillars of Living\Green and Sangha (Community Support). Their work is professional, Original and creative completed with care and passion in a timely affordable manner. We constantly receive compliments from our members about the woodwork.

-Kristy and Troy from Moksha Squamish Yoga


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