Mental Health Awareness Week, Art Show in Squamish

Officially established in 1990 by U.S. Congress with actions of NAMI  to educate and increase awareness about Mental Health.  Locally Work BC Employment Services Centre will be hosting a More Than Meets The Eye: An Art Exhibition

Drop in viewing for the rest of the week between 9 AM-5PM throughout the week of Tuesday October 4th-Friday October 7th.

Rubenovitch Furnishings  and Co. is glad to be participating to raise awareness to the challenges and issues I feel many individuals have in today’s society. Drop by their event and expand your perspective and take a look at some art from the local community.

Have you ever wondered about the connection between art and mental health? Isn’t it interesting as a part of Mental Health Awareness week art, music and various creative events are held around the world.

Where: Located at Squamish Employment Services Centre 302-37989 Clevland Ave (Cornerstone Building, 3rd floor)
*wheelchair accessible

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