Lab Art Show is a wrap

Tim and I had a great time at the Lab Art Show on the 16th of April. Our first show is in the can. It was nice to share some of our recent work, and have something to work towards. We were unable to hang our work on the walls so we ended up building our own booth. It was a bit more work than expected but was a great asset to be able to showcase our work with a 360° booth.  My friend Kimmy hooked the barn wood along with an off cut of finished birch ply and I decided it would work well to inlay a piece of concrete to complete one panel. We made the cross walls out of old waterski, snowboard plys I got from an old furniture maker and friends. A huge thank you to Tim Reid Timber Framing & Furniture and everyone who helped make the event, booth and furnishings come together.

I had a blast talking to everyone who came by the booth. It was interesting to share and talk about the characters in wood and share with everyone what makes our products so unique. I literally just about lost my voice. It was great to hear such positive feedback, all your guys support builds drive inside me.

Thank you to everyone who donated or liked the page on Facebook (Please like if you haven’t already). Congrats to Jillian, our coffee table winner is ecstatic about winning the coffee table draw. More to come on that shortly.

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