Copper Coil Still and Grill Bar Brackets

Rubenovitch Furnishings Co. consulted with Les from The Copper Coil Still and Grill on their renovation and supplied them with a few brackets for their glass shelf bar and Dale Reimer built the restaurant tables. Les and their renovations crew really did a great job overhauling the property. I think it will be a great addition to Squamish! I have yet to try the ribs on the menu… I did have a sample and have been thinking about them ever since. Take a peak at their menu and see whats smoking. I am so glad to have a restaurant in town where I can get a proper brisket!

Besides customizing your shelf, Rubenovitch Furnishings Co. has a variety of shelving bracket options, metal in different finishes or colors, custom curved metal, wood in different species and patinas (freshly milled or reclaimed), victorian, porcelain coated cast iron or misc. engine parts. You would be surprised with some of the ideas we have, like this antique forged shoe horn, our pieces make for a product that has character! Id love to hear from you if you got some ideas of your own or let us know which style brackets are your favourite?



Behind Scenes: Johan’s Fir Dinning Table

I had the pleasure of helping out Johan Lahti the other week with a few projects he was working on. Johan is an established local fine wood furniture maker. He has put together an amazing Fir table slab. He worked with Magnus Holmquist  on the metal work which was designed by The Design Aggregate.


I also had the pleasure of gluing up some reclaimed wood restaurant tables for Stonesedge, but you’ll have to go to the restaurant to check those out.

Pour over coffee stand & Cedar Shelves for Brew Mountain Cafe

I put together a little wooden pour over coffee stand and a few cedar shelves for my girl Sharon who has been working her ass off getting Brew Mountain Cafe off the ground. They make a variety of waffles, sausages and have an assortment of refreshing drinks & nice pops. Add them on Facebook and drop by her cafe at the Whistler RV Campground on the way to back to Squamish. Its just off the highway across from Brandywine Falls.

“The pour over coffee stand  is a beautiful addition to the cafe. It is unique, functional and a gorgeous piece of art that all customers adore.”

-Sharon Wu, Brew Mountain Cafe owner

Portrait Photo by: Leah Kathryn