Moksha Yoga Squamish

It was pleasure to connect with Kristy and Troy from Moksha Yoga Squamish and aid them furnish their new Yoga Studio in town. We worked with them to discuss their needs and concerns and supplied them with a variety of  big fir benches and about a dozen smaller cedar slabs for coat hangers.

Dale from Reclaimed Designs and I collaborated on this project. Props to Dale for all his craftsmanship and attention to detail.


We sourced a couple large fir slabs from Van Urban Timber, timing was on our hands and they had just the right slabs for our needs at the time.

Contracting Lenny to design and build pieces in our studio was the right choice. Being a Green/Environmentally friendly yoga studio, we wanted someone whose values coincided with our pillars of Living\Green and Sangha (Community Support). Their work is professional, Original and creative completed with care and passion in a timely affordable manner. We constantly receive compliments from our members about the woodwork.

-Kristy and Troy from Moksha Squamish Yoga


Inspired Pop Up Gallery

With the support of In Biz, Squamish local Nathan French has opened up a little pop up art gallery that features over 35 local artists of various disciplines. Inspired is open on main street on 38166 Cleveland in downtown Squamish. Its running as a pop up gallery but if feedback and sales are promising the organizers may look into keeping it open moving into the new year. Stop by and check out a few of Rubenovitch Furnishings & Co. items on display.

Paintings, jewellery, woodwork, apparel and lots diverse art mediums.

Green Moustache

Welcome to town! Its great to have a health conscious quality juice bar/cafe in town. Mazola Tov Jen and crew, your efforts have not gone unnoticed, the cafe looks amazing and the food taste great!

Drop by the space and and check out the place along with one of our shelves. Concrete meets maple with a live edge face and some solid steel brackets for support.



“Our Sea to Sky” Exhibition

Drop by the Squamish Arts Council building next to the farmers market on Saturday until October 15th and take a peak at the travelling Exhibit  “Our Sea to Sky” which started in Bowen Island and has numerous stops across our corridor.

“Shipwreck” which was pulled out of the ocean right here in our corridor will be showcased alongside a variety of other great works.

Mental Health Awareness Week, Art Show in Squamish

Officially established in 1990 by U.S. Congress with actions of NAMI  to educate and increase awareness about Mental Health.  Locally Work BC Employment Services Centre will be hosting a More Than Meets The Eye: An Art Exhibition

Drop in viewing for the rest of the week between 9 AM-5PM throughout the week of Tuesday October 4th-Friday October 7th.

Rubenovitch Furnishings  and Co. is glad to be participating to raise awareness to the challenges and issues I feel many individuals have in today’s society. Drop by their event and expand your perspective and take a look at some art from the local community.

Have you ever wondered about the connection between art and mental health? Isn’t it interesting as a part of Mental Health Awareness week art, music and various creative events are held around the world.

Where: Located at Squamish Employment Services Centre 302-37989 Clevland Ave (Cornerstone Building, 3rd floor)
*wheelchair accessible

Wind Festival

Over the Wind Festival we participated and exhibited “Teardrop” as a part of the Making Waves show. %50 of the proceeds of the sale are going to the Janwaar castle.

At the Exhibit we shared information on the Janwaar Castle and their principals because we believe in them and what they are doing. Thank you to the gentleman who purchased the Teardrop. The proceeds will aid go to support their various programs they are undertaking and will go a long way in shaping their future. A little love can go so far.