It has been a bit of a challenge preparing for this show in the midst of the Tohubohu of my life and all the other projects I been working on. The root of the word is defined by chaos and utter confusion, but I don’t feel that way and can see past that and see its benefits.


Basscoast’s theme this year seems to be based around prism (& play from my perspective:).  Much of our work sees to embody it in variety of ways. We burnt a fair share of our pieces, bringing new life into them and had fun acting like a pyro.  Prism, like pyramids are shared in our work in shapes too. Using fire and heat to unite steel and us.  Pyramids have also derived from PYRos.


I may struggle to make time to articulate the meaning behind the materials as I have continued to develop and understand their interconnectedness. But have a variety of projects Im tending to and look forward to getting around to writing up my feelings on the pieces when I chose to make the time. I hope you can enjoy them as is or may be able to see them more what lies behind their materials and process.


More imagery to see = (*follow).

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