Rubenovitch Furnishings and Co. produces artistic furniture which emits a state of reverie.

We produce timeless and inspirational works that bring character and dialogue to spaces with consideration and respect to the environment.

The Co. in Rubenovitch Furnishings and Co. does not stand for company but stands for collaboration, community and connections.

We collaborate with a variety of makers from specialized disciplines. We have built relationships and source and curate a wide variety of beautiful materials going to waste which bring originality to our works. We believe in connections and share and expose our works to people via exhibits, high traffic public service locations and individuals homes.

Our living spaces play a key role in our attitudes and Rubenovitch Furnishings see’s to create products that support an optimal living environment.  We create fusing various character woods, concrete and metals with optimal practices.

The furniture works share stories that relate to our lives. We enjoy working with woods that have endured trauma and stress because it’s through their stresses in which they yield magnificent characteristics. We put in time digging to uncover, rub out with grit and wit to share a story of matter.

Our works aim to serve functional purpose but also present intent.

Photo by www.instagram.com/lisa_instalife/

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